• Bernadette Keitt

Managing Parenting in a Pandemic

I am confident we can all agree that this is an unprecedented time in the history of the world. As parents, we may find it hard to navigate life through it all. Let's be clear, none of us are alone in this. We all have the same worries and cause for concern, but we are better when we work together and lean on one another for support and comfort. Our circumstances have caused us to band closer to one another in our family units because of the protocols in place to keep everyone safe. Those hugs and kisses from our children are plentiful, and may even be over-the-top at times if they interfere with other obligations in the daily schedule.

Let me hear from you, and share with me any concerns you have about raising your bundles of joy in 2020. You may just want to talk about finding alone time with your significant other.

Thanks for visiting with me today, and I look forward to sharing with you soon...

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